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Tamarindo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches, and it is near Playa Grande and Playa Flamingo, where advanced surfers frequent. But life in Playa Tamarindo continues after the amazing sunsets.

Tamarindo Nightlife

Check out some of the best Tamarindo Beach bars, restaurants, party spots, events, and beach clubs where you can have amazing nights. Below are a few of the hottest spots where you’re sure to find an exceptional meal, a tasty drink, a packed dance floor, or a chill vibe, whatever you’re looking for, Tamarindo has something for everyone.

Of course, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, have some questions, or need a little extra guidance from people who know first-hand, contact our concierge team. They’ll provide helpful recommendations, and if you like, arrange reservations and transportation for you and your party.

El Vaquero

The most popular spot for sunset views, where you can often listen to live music from 4 to 7 pm and enjoy happy hour specials. Watch the waves and enjoy a delicious meal with an ice-cold beer from their onsite microbrewery. The Volcano Brewing Company delivers a taste you won’t experience anywhere else. Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon they have live music. Great food, fantastic beer, live music, and right on the beach, you can’t ask for much more than that.

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El Vaquero Bar Tamarindo

La Oveja Negra

One of the most frequented restaurants in Tamarindo, where you can enjoy live music or open mics. It’s a hostel, a surf camp, and a bar & restaurant, offering a little something for everyone. The surf camp is among Costa Rica’s best if you’re looking for lessons. Whether it’s people visiting for the incredible food or the awesome music, or simply spending a few nights at the hostel, you’re guaranteed to meet travelers from around the world making La Oveja Negra an unmissable nightlife scene.

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La Oveja Negra Bar Tamarindo

Monkey La-La Restaurant

This family-friendly restaurant/bar is inside the Hotel Pasatiempo, on an outdoor deck overlooking the pool. Each Wednesday and Sunday, they have local musicians and open mic nights from 7-9om. Giant margaritas and mojitos for happy hour, nightly activities, for example, Trivia night, delicious food, generous portions, and a fun atmosphere make this a spot worth visiting.

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Monkey-LaLa Bar Tamarindo

Casino Tamarindo Diria

If you are more into poker nights, the Diria Casino, located in the luxurious Tamarindo Diria Hotel, is the main gambling hotspot of Tamarindo beach town. Poker tournaments, Blackjack (Las Vegas Rules), 48 Slot machines, No Limit Hold’em, etc.

If you’re looking to gamble in this bustling beach town, this is the place to be. The Diria Casino offers drinks, games, and plenty of entertainment.

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Diria Casino Tamarindo


The perfect bar for you to enjoy electronic music, drinks, chat, and dance. Both cocktail bar and club, Rumors is located in the heart of Tamarindo. Famous for their Mixologie Cocktails and their Djs. Their Mediterranean & Asian food is also incredible.

The cocktails, the music, the food, and the vibe, make this place a fun time, whether it’s dinner time, or a dance night into the late hours.

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Rumors Bar Tamarindo


A place where every night you have an amazing time! Either you are playing in the beer pong tournament on Sundays or enjoying a karaoke night on Tuesdays. If you need a fun spot with great food, for that can’t miss NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, or college game, Sharky’s is the place to be. Burgers, wings, music, games, sports, drinks, it’s all here.

This sports bar is a hot spot that offers you an unforgettable time where there is always a drink deal or ladies’ night.

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Sharkys Bar Tamarindo

Lizard Lounge

Cool vibes drink specials, and a mix of the best classic club hits and reggaeton are what best define this place. It’s a restaurant, a cocktail lounge, and a sports bar with something for everyone. The kitchen delivers fresh ingredients and flavors from around the world. The bar carries a wide variety of liquors and mixology drinks you won’t forget. There’s a special every day and live music performances and DJs almost every night.

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Lizard Lounge Tamarindo

Pacific Bar

One of the most famous bars in town where you can enjoy ladies’ night on Wednesdays and Reggae night on Thursdays. Amazing food, excellent drinks, and a fantastic place to meet new people. If you like to dance, drink and meet new friends, Pacifco Bar has a unique friendly vibe that brings in the crowds.

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Pacifico Bar Tamarindo

Crazy Monkey Bar

Looking for a plan on Friday nights? Crazy Monkey Bar is THE place for you to spend an amazing Friday night at an open-air club listening and dancing to a great mix of salsa and club hits. Located on the side of a hill, it has astonishing views. Ladies’ night is every Friday from 9 pm – 2:30 am.

If you’re looking for a wild night and a crazy story, Crazy Monkey Bar definitely needs to be on your list of stops.

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Crazy Monkey Bar Tamarindo

El Be! Tamarindo Beach Club

The perfect mix between a restaurant and a nightclub in just one place. It has taken over Saturday nights, and it has three different bars inside! And one of them is out on the beach for you to take some air and enjoy music, sand, and the sound of the waves on the beach.

This is a tremendous spot to enjoy a drink, watching an unbelievable sunset, right on the ocean. It’s a must-have experience for anyone visiting Tamarindo.

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Le Beach Club

There is a vibrant nightlife in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. You can find various places where you can have a cold beer, try out craft beers, and have a beach cocktail while dancing with your friends.

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