Experience Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of beaches, jungles, mountains and rivers and Playa Tamarindo is the perfect place from which to experience all of those features!  The West coast of Costa Rica is very diverse, from the arid region in the North West of the country to the dense jungle of the Southern West coast; you’ll find a huge array of geography, flora and fauna. One thing you’ll always find are beautiful beaches and the animal life that exists here is amazing! Whales, dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles are just a few that you’ll see regularly on the water. On land…where to begin?  Monkeys are everywhere and are just part of the “normal” daily experience as are giant green iguanas, sloths, jungle cats and more.

Costa Rica takes up only .1% of the land in the world and yet it contains over 5% of the worlds bio-diversity! It’s a breathtaking experience to take it all in, made even better by one of our naturalist guides leading the way.