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About Tamarindo Luxury Villas

The story of Tamarindo Luxury Villas started with a dream that Brian Bratton, the founder of the company, had: to provide outstanding real estate services to clients looking for luxury vacation rentals and properties in Costa Rica. Brian was determined to create a company that cut no corners and took no shortcuts in its quest to deliver both unforgettable vacations and luxurious properties.


Tamarindo Luxury Villas came to life in 2014, in partnership with luxury travel specialist Sebastian Lizano, and has since made a name for itself as one of the most trustworthy, professional, and transparent vacation rental providers and real estate companies in Costa Rica. It all started with small but deliberate steps to create a “one-stop” service to answer the needs of both luxury villa owners and discerning travelers looking for flawless service and impeccable customer support.

Our company connects luxury rental owners and clients eager to enjoy a memorable vacation or buy one-of-a-kind property in Costa Rica. We work exclusively with luxury villa owners willing to rent or sell their properties and are always ready to serve clients looking to rent or buy sumptuous properties in Costa Rica.

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Tamarindo Luxury Villas does not believe in shared swimming pools and common areas! We also don’t believe in less-than-perfect villas. Our customers are looking for private, discreet, and sophisticated villas where they can enjoy utmost relaxation and the very best concierge services available in Costa Rica. And we make sure they find them!

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Our service goes beyond playing the part of the intermediary between two interested parties. While our booking experts take care of all the administrative arrangements regarding your reservation and make sure you have your answers almost instantly, we also provide airport transfer and help you plan your itinerary, provide a collection of vetted services to make your vacation even more enjoyable, and recommend a wide range of activities meant to resonate with your preferences and entertainment goals.

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Furthermore, Tamarindo Luxury Villas provides outstanding services to homeowners ready to entrust their properties to our experienced hands. Not only does their property receive the attention and bookings it deserves, but we also take care of cleaning and maintenance to keep its value intact for many years to come. Additionally, we provide homeowners access to a booking calendar and allow them to assess their property performance based on metrics such as occupancy rate, billing, costs, and profit.

Tamarindo Luxury Villas delivers the facilities of a luxury boutique hotel in glorious luxury estates at a fraction of the cost, and we are always happy to help clients purchase their dream luxury villa in Costa Rica. With an experience of over 12 years in the luxury real estate industry, we know luxury when we see it! Both customers and homeowners can count on our 24/7 support team to receive answers to all their questions and the best solutions for their queries.